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About Datashed

Datashed is a collaborative effort of Stream Restoration Incorporated, Pennsylvania DEP, and others to provide the tools needed to actively monitor and maintain AMD treatment systems and manage watershed restoration efforts. No passwords are required to view or download any data on Datashed; however, passwords are required to upload or edit data. You can learn more about Datashed here.

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Welcome to Datashed

Datashed is a FREE online tool to assist volunteers, students, watershed groups, nonprofits industry, and government agencies in the operation and maintenance of acid mine drainage treatment systems, stream water quality monitoring and the management of watershed restoration efforts.

To find a treatment system, stream, or other project near you, click on the Projects or Map links above!


Datashed News

Welcome to the new Datashed website! We are currently working on updating the help section and tutorials for the new Datashed website.  A presentation as well as training sessions will be included as part of the PA Abandoned Mine Reclamation Virtual Conference to be held October 27-29, 2021.  Additional updates and improvements are also in the works. Check back soon for more news!

De Sale Phase III
SR 81 - Abandoned Mine Restoration Area
De Sale Phase I
De Sale Phase II
Goff Station Restoration Area
Ferris Complex (SR85/SR86 & SR87/SR88)
SR 89
SR 96
SR 101A
SR 109
SR 114
Erico Bridge Restoration Area
BC19 & 19B
Fox Run Restoration Project - Phase I
SR 286 Passive Treatment System
Reeds Run AMD Remediation Project
Harbison Walker Phase II
Harbison Walker Phase I
Cessna Run Passive System
Langeloth Borehole
JB1 Phase I
Wilson Run Discharge
Booker Discharge
Fossil Rock
Stump Jr. Seep
Webster Mine Discharge
Clinton Road
Lausanne Tunnel
Babb Creek Rattler A2-2
Laurel Run Reitz #1 Discharge
Robbins Hollow Complex
Big Run #2 (Speranza)
Glade Run
Back Hayes Run
Hunters Drift
Wells Creek Adam #6 (AKA Skeria # 6)
Wells Creek Onstead
Espy Run
Wells Creek Adams #7 (AKA Moore No. 7)
Shamokin Creek Site 42
AMD & Art Vintondale
Elbon, Little Toby Creek
Shamokin Creek Site 23
Shamokin Creek Votech School Site 48
Two Mile Run Clarion River
Howe Bridge
Kyler Run
Oneida No. 1 Mine Tunnel
Filson 4
Simpson No. 1
Babb Creek Rattler A2-3
Babb Creek Rattler A2-4
Babb Creek Anna S.
Boggs Road
Cucumber Run
Cold Stream Site A
Rocky Ridge South (Joller) Roaring Run
Oven Run Site B
White Ash # 3 Tunnel B
White Ash #3 Tunnel C
Tanoma South
Indian Head - Tremont North
Middle Branch - Two Mile Run
Glenwhite Run - Spaghetti Hole
Glenwhite Run - Clearwater
Glenwhite Run - Coke Ovens
Glenwhite Run - Squatter Falls
Reed (BF445-203.1)
Bellwood (lloydville Run) Site C
Bellwood (Lloydville Run) Site A/B
Keystone Phase 1 & 2
Newkirk Mines
Numine - White Lake
Sugar Creek
Falls Creek - Schrader Creek
Oven Run Site A
Oven Run Site F
Oven Run Site D
Oven Run Site E
South Tributary
Glenwhite Run - North Slope
Monastery Run Wetland 1
Monastery Run Wetland 2
Monastery Run Wetland 3
Lamberts Run
Finleyville Shreves Run (SX3-D1,D2, D3)
Arnot #2 Discharge #2
Lick Creek Diversion Wells
Red Run Diversion Wells
Babb Creek Klondike Mine Treatment System
Bear Run Large
Bear Run Small
Tangascootack N.w.
Tangascootack No. 1
Coal Run Diversion Well
Falls Creek Diversion Well
Camp Lutherlyn
Upper Latrobe Mine Drainage Treatment Project
Mitchell Discharge
Swatara Creek Diversion Wells
Porter Tunnel Diversion Well
Little Schuylkill River Diversion Wells
Friedline Mine System
Oak Hill Boreholes
Yellow Creek 1B
Yellow Creek 2C
Yellow Creek 2A & 2B
Yellow Creek 1A
Coal Pit Run Upper System
Coal Pit Run Lower System
Laurel Run #2
Penn Hills #2 - Systems 1, 2A, and 2B
Orchard Limestone Drain
Hegins Run
Martin's Run Diversion Well
Stony Creek Diversion Wells
Lorberry Wetlands
Ravine Wetlands
Mine Drift
Minersville Aerobic Wetlands
Hans Yost (Moser Drift)
Tri Valley Diversion Well
Mahanoy Creek Aerobic Wetlands
Buck Mountain Ald
Bell Colliery Drift VFP
Chiller Theater Seeps
Longs Run LR0-D3
Longs Run LR0-D4
Longs Run LR0-D5
Longs Run LR0-D6
Longs Run LR0-D7
Longs Run LR0-D8
Longs Run LR0-D9
Hubler Run Phase I
Reevesdale South Dip Tunnel
Sandy Run Mp12
Sandy Run Mp11
Sandy Run Mp 10
North Point SX0-D4 & D5
Longs Run LR0-D2
Longs Run LR0-D10
Shingle Run Ald
Swallow Farm Coal Run
Rock Tunnel
Miller Run 1
Miller Run 2
Little Mill Creek Markle (Kotchly)
Otto Discharge
Darmac 14
Argentine Central SR115
Laurel Run #1
Dyer Run
Johnson Run Jru 88/89
Big Run #7
Little Hefren
Conifer West
Conifer East
Gumboot Run
Alder Bog
Filson 1
Filson 2 and 3
Filson 5 And 6
Mckinley 1
Mckinley 2
Morrow 1 And 2
Schnepp Road 1
Schnepp Road 2
Coal Hollow
Miller Run Alkaline Addition
Audenreid Tunnel
Lykens Tunnel - Bear Creek
Pine Forest
Lc20d Little Coon Run
Six Mile Run SX0-D2
Brewster Hollow SX8A-D1
Arnot #2 Discharge #1
Arnot #2 Discharge #4
Big Bertha (SR94)
Tracy Airhole Discharge
Benedict Mine Shoups Run
Old Never Sweat Mine Shoups Run
North Fork Montour Run
Shamokin Creek Site 15
Maiden Mine
Fox Run Restoration Project - Phase II
Dents Run Site 3895
Plainsville Borehole Discharge
Aylesworth Creek Oxic Limestone Drain
BBWA 3888
BBWA 3893
Bolich Property Wetlands
Buck Mtn. #2 Tunnel ALD
Askam Borehole (aka Dundee Wetlands)
Long Valley Run
Sunfish Pond Buried Limestone System
Boyce Park AMD Treatment System
Filson 7
Wingfield Pines
Brewster Hollow SX8A-D2
Longs Run LRO-D11
Longs Run LR0-D13/15
Longs Run LR0-D14
Sandy Run SA0-D4
Sandy Run SA0-D5
Shreves Run SX3-D4, D5, D6
Shreves Run SX3-D7,D8
Six Mile Run SX0-D6
Six Mile Run SX0-D7,D8
Six Mile Run SX2-D5
Six Mile Run SX3-D9/SX0-D16
Coal Run Site No. 8
B&D Coal Company BF-462
Pengrove Coal Company Bean BF-467
Pengrove Coal Company Haney Site BF-406
Bear Rock Run
Gray Run
Klondike KL-1
Klondike KL-2
Shotgun Seeps and PA DOT Siphon
Pine Glen East AMD 14(6816)101.1
Strattanville Phase 2 (BF 445-202.1)
Bilger Run BR 39
Emigh Run ER-8
Hubler Run Phase II
Long Run Diversion Well
Mr Frog Morgan Run
Mr Tuff Morgan Run
Avery Coal Company BF 438
Swamp Area Kettle Creek
Foxhead Industrial Park
Mead Run
Kalp Discharge Romney North
Morgan Run Amd Remediation
Green Garden Road Amd
Hartman Run Limestone Dosing
Bear Run Phase I
Bear Run Phase II
Clover Run # 1 (barrett)
Corbettown Wetlands
Oneida No. 3 Mine Tunnel
Woods Corners Bamr
McCaslin Road
Hayes Run
Rock Run
Bear Run Phase III
Big Run #8
Barkley Road (Moraine) Treatment System
Slippery Rock Elementary Wetland
Cold Stream Site B
Little Mill Creek Brown/Hanlon Site
Robbins Hollow 10A-10B
Mineral Point (Saltlick Run) AMD 11(0632)101.1
Coalpit Run AMD 11(2416)
Melcroft Mine Drainage Treatment System
Doverspike Bros. Coal Co., Dora #6 Mine
Neal Run Restoration Project
Pgh Botanic Garden Lotus Pond (aka Woodlands)
Woods Upper Pond
Puritan Discharge
Coal Pit Run Limestone Bed
Keystone Lake Wetland
Laurel Run
Dimeling Discharge AMD Remediation
Bear Run Phase IV
Jamison Mine (Novasel RAMP) (Wolford Run ) Borehole
West Ferris Wheel WF1
Emigh Run 13/14 (ER13/14)
Hubler Run 3
Mary D East AMD 54(3695)101.1
Weaver Run D10
Jones Mine Wetland
MR Ross
MR7 Pilot Scale Treatment Construction
Silver Creek
Glenn 17
Glenn 19
Williams Run
Site 26
Site 26A
Glasgow (C&K 51)
Weaver Run D8A
Weaver Run D8B
South Fork AMD50
South Fork AMD60
South Fork AMD67
Brence (AMD85)
Mary D Borehole
Bear Run Phase VII
Bear Run Phase VIII
MON 71 AMD Passive Treatment
Little D Discharge
Morgan Run 8 Passive Treatment System
MON 30 AMD Treatment System
Brewster Hollow SX8-D1
RH Pipes 1-4
Deer Creek AMD Treatment System
Lewis Mine Gutten Drift
West Ferris WF2
West Ferris Wheel WF3
Milk Run AMD Treatment System
Kentucky Hollow
Longs Run LR0-D1
Sandy Run SA0-D10
Sandy Run SA0-D11
Sandy Run SA0-D14
Six Mile SX10-D2/SX0-D17
Sandy Run SA0-D8
Birch Island Run
Casey Highway Wetlands
Bilger 4.0 AMD Treatment System
Andrews Run
SL 142-1 Pigeon Creek
Red Run Diversion Well

Project Spotlight
Alder Bog
Project Type Passive Treatment System
County Jefferson
State Pennsylvania
BioMost, Inc
Mars, Pennsylvania
EPA Watershed Initiative
Washington, District Of Columbia
Ashley, Pennsylvania
Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds
Alexandria, Pennsylvania
NuRelm, Inc.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
PA Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP)
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Stream Restoration Inc.
Mars, Pennsylvania
Western PA Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation (WPCAMR)
Greensburg, Pennsylvania