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Oven Run Site B

Oven Run Site B

Project Details
Original Construction Year 1999
Most Recent Rebuild Year 2022
Total Cost 0.00
Total Capital Cost $1,101,948.00
Latitude / Longitude Method Google Earth/Maps
Latitude 40.113889
Longitude -78.913333
Elevation 1950
Project Oven Run Site B
Project Type Passive Treatment System
Project Status Good/Operational
AMD Source Underground
Stream Oven Run
River Basin Kiski-Conemaugh
Quad Stoystown
City/Township Shade Township / Shade
County Somerset
State PA

Description: The Oven Run B passive treatment system was originally constructed by the PA Department of Environmental Protection in 1999 to treat acid mine drainage emanating from three sealed deep mine entries. The system was designed by Gwin, Dobson and Foreman, Inc., with modifications by BAMR and built by Amerikohl. According to a Passive Treatment System Evaluation report prepared by the PA DEP in May of 2008, the system was designed based on an average flow of 350 gpm, but capable of handling a maximum flow of 1,100 gpm. Shortly after construction, the system began to experience performance issues likely due to a combination of plugging of treatment media and short-circuiting due to the extremely large size of the vertical flow ponds. In July 2001, a flow distribution pipe was installed on top of SAP1. In October 2001, iron sludge and compost were removed from SAP1 and SAP2 and new compost was added. In December 2017, Stream Restoration Inc (SRI) completed the Kiski-Conemaugh Basin Treatment System O&M Assessment project which recommended a different treatment system design approach. SRI received a grant from the PA DEP BAMR in 2020. An innovative passive system was designed by BioMost, Inc based on SRI's recommendations. Construction was completed by Earth Shapers, LLC in 2022. SAP1 was reconfigured into three "smaller" limestone only, solar powered, SmartDrain-based, Auto-Flushing Vertical Flow Ponds and a dewatering basin. SAP2 was reconfigured into two Jennings-style Vertical Flow Ponds and an additional settling pond.

Water Quality Data Summary

Treatment Technologies
Treatment Technology Quantity Status
SAPS 2 Inactive
Settling Pond 3 Active
Auto Flushing (Solar) Limestone Only VFP 3 Active
Vertical Flow Pond (VFP) 2 Active
Forebay 1 Active
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GPS Directions
Project Contacts
Contact Person: cdenholm
Contact Organization: Stream Restoration Inc.
Project Designer: Cody Neely
Project Designer Organization: BioMost, Inc
Project Responsible Organization: PA DEP, BAMR Ebensburg
no data available
External System IDs
Title System
D1-112 Datashed 1.0
Project Performance