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Sample Points

Sample Point Aliases Photo ID's Inflow Outflow Years Monitored Description Audience Edit Delete
425 KBLVI1 60154 Yes No Mine Discharge Manage Audience
TP4 N/A No No Treatment Pond 4 Manage Audience
VFP N/A No No Vertical Flow Pond Manage Audience
KBLVI2 KBLVI2 N/A 60155 No Yes Not sure about this point. SIS lists this as Vintondale Discharge entrance of mine however told by StreamTeam that this is the final effluent point Manage Audience
KBLV13 KBLV13 N/A 74843 No Yes Listed in SIS as VINTONDALE TREATMENT SYSTEM POND #6 OUTFLOW however StreamTeam does not have record of this point being sample? Manage Audience
BCSB-014 No No Mine Discharge Manage Audience