Sample Points

Sample Point Inflow Outflow Years Monitored Description Edit Delete
50-46.4 Yes No

ANNA S #1 Deep mine discharge; Influent into VFPs 1-4.

50-46.6 Yes No

ANNA S #2 rawDeep mine discharge; Influnet to VFPs 1 and 3

50-46.41 No No

Effluent of VFP-1

50-46.42 No No

Effluent of VFP-2

50-46.43 No No

Effluent of VFP-3

50-46.44 No No

Effluent of VFP-4

50-46.45 No Yes

ANNAS WETLAND OUTFLOW - final effluentEffluent of wetland and final effluent discharge from the Anna S passive system

VFP1-4 common No No

Inflow after VFP