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Sample Points

Sample Point Aliases Photo ID's Inflow Outflow Years Monitored Description Audience Edit Delete
FC1-0 FC1-0, FCDISC, FCI N/A 111747, 47304, 50411 Yes No

Falls Creek Mine Discharge Influent

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FC1-1 FC1-1 N/A 50431 No No

Cell No. 1 (cell closest to detention pond)

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FC1-2 FC1-2 N/A 50432 No No

Cell No. 2

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FC1-3 FC1-3 N/A 50511 No No

Cell No. 3

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FC1-4 FC1-4 N/A 50572 No No

Cell No. 4 (cell closest to Falls Creek Road)

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FC1-4S FC1-4S, FCS N/A 50591, 48789 No No

Falls Creek Discharge Near Cell 4 outlet

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FC1-5D FC1-5D N/A 61115 No Yes

Discharge below Cell No. 4 (Falls Creek effluent)

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FCW FCE, FCW, FCWEIR N/A 111748, 47305, 56092, 110464 No Yes

Falls Creek treatment weir

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