Sample Points

Sample Point Aliases Photo ID's Inflow Outflow Years Monitored Description Edit Delete
F4(SAPdisR) N/A No No

Filson 4 SAPS discharge Right pipe

F4(SAPdisL) N/A No No

Filson 4 SAPS Left pipe

F4(newsource) N/A Yes No
F4(source) N/A Yes No

AMD source to the Filson 4 passive treatment system

F4(SAPspillway) N/A No No

Sample collected in emergency spillway of SAPS because SAPS is plugged; Maybe an indication of raw AMD

F4(SAPdis) N/A No No

Effluent of SAPS

F4(ALDdis) N/A No No

Effluent of Anoxic Limestone Drain

F4(Finaldis) N/A No Yes

Final Effluent of Filson 4 passive treatment system; Effluent of Aerobic Pond