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Sample Points

Sample Point Aliases Photo ID's Inflow Outflow Years Monitored Description Audience Edit Delete
32R2 (KL1-1) N/A Yes No

Abandoned Mine Discharge; Emanates from the underground Klondike Mine; Discharge A; Sampled at weir

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KL1-1A N/A No No

Channel conveying the the mine discharge into passive system

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KL1B N/A No No

Inflow to new ponds, below slag dam 3

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KL1-2 N/A No No

Effluent of Oxidation Pond 2 and inflow to Inflow Pond

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KL1-3 N/A No No

Effluent of Inflow Pond and influent to Vertical Flow Pond

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KL1-4 N/A No No

Effluent of Vertical Flow Pond and influent into settling pond

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Slag Out N/A No No

Effluent of slag bed; Enters Outflow Pond

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KL1-4A N/A No No

Effluent of Settling pond

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KL1-5 N/A No Yes

Efflunet of wetland and final effluent of Klondike KL-1 passive system

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