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Master Project Report

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Title Project Type OSM ID AMLIS ID Latitude Longitude Stream Watershed River Basin Township County Province Quad AMD Source Construction Year Total Cost Total Capital CostAllegheny County Airport AuthorityAMD Set Aside FundsBabb Creek Trust FundsConsent OrderCounty or Local GovDEP RESOURCE RECOVERY FUNDSEPA 104 (b)(3) GrantEPA OtherEPA Section 319Foundation For PA WatershedsIn-kind ContributionsNational Resource Conservation Service (NRCS)OSM Watershed Cooperative Assistance ProgramOther Funding SourcesPA DCNRPA DEP Growing GreenerPA DEP OtherPA TurnpikePADCNRPennDOTPrivate/FoundationRural Abandoned Mineland Program (RAMP)Reclaim PA InitiativeReclamation Agreement Funds from the Sunbeam TIpple Restoration ProjectReclamation in Lieu of PenaltySurface Mine Control Reclamation Act FundsTest SiteTitle IV Appalachian Clean StreamsUniversityUS Army Corps of Enginners (USACOE)US Forest Service (USFS)US Geologic Service (USGS)Watershed Restoration and Partnership Act Project Designer Contact Person Contact Organization Contact Email Contact Website Contact City Contact State Contact Postal Code Responsible Organization Website Influent Flow (average) Influent pH (weighted average) Influent Acidity (weighted average) Influent Ferrous Iron (weighted average) Influent Total Iron (weighted average) Influent Total Manganese (weighted average) Influent Total Aluminum (weighted average) Influent Sulfate (weighted average) Effluent pH (weighted average) Effluent Flow (average) Effluent Alkalinity (weighted average) Effluent Acidity (weighted average) Effluent Ferrous Iron (weighted average) Effluent Total Iron (weighted average) Effluent Total Manganese (weighted average) Effluent Total Aluminum (weighted average) Effluent Sulfate (weighted average) Acid Load Removal (lbs/day) Iron Load Removal (lbs/day) Manganese Load Removal (lbs/day) Aluminum Load Removal (lbs/day) AMD Treated (gallons/Year) Alkalinity Load to Stream (lbs/day)Aerobic WetlandAlkaline Recharge PondAlkalinity InjectionAnaerobic WetlandAnoxic Collection SystemAnoxic Limestone Drain (ALD)Auto Flushing (Siphon) Limestone Only VFPAuto Flushing (Solar) Limestone Only VFPCappingChemical DoserChemical Treatment PlantCollection ChannelConcrete Limestone TanksDown Flow BioreactorDown Flow Limestone BedFlush PondForebayHorizontal Flow Limestone Bed (HFLB)Horizontal Flow SAPSIn-situ Passive TreatmentInclined Plane Limestone BedLimestone BedLimestone Diversion WellLimestone Sand DosingLimestone TrenchLow pH Fe Oxidation ChannelMalestrom OxidizerManganese Removal BedMechanical AerationNatural Bog TreatmentOpen Limestone Channel (OLC)Oxic Limestone Drain (OLD)Pyrolusite BedSAPSSettling PondSteel Slag Diversion WellSteel Slag PondStream Bank StabilizationStream Channel RestorationSulfate Reducing Bio-ReactorSurface LimingTestingUp Flow Limestone BedUp Flow SAPSVertical Flow Pond (VFP)