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Glenwhite Run - Squatter Falls

Glenwhite Run - Squatter Falls

Project Details
Original Construction Year 1999
Most Recent Rebuild Year
Total Cost 0.00
Total Capital Cost $252,351.00
Latitude / Longitude Method Unknown
Latitude 40.504444
Longitude -78.515833
Elevation 589 m
Project Glenwhite Run - Squatter Falls
Project Type Passive Treatment System
Project Status
AMD Source Underground
Stream Glenwhite Run
River Basin Susquehanna
Quad Ashville
City/Township Altoona / Logan
County Blair
State PA

Description: The system has two flow paths. The primary path collects water from a deep mine discharge and runs it through a vertical limestone pond (with no compost). That water discharges to a settling basin, runs down a stone channel to a wetland. The water runs through the wetland and then to a large manganese removal bed (Pyrolucite bed) and discharges into the main stem of Glenwhite Run. Since it's completion this system has undergone many minor changes over the years. 2012 - in conjunction with the Office of Surface Mining, changes were made to the Pryrolucite bed to regrade the bed at a 1% grade starting from where it enters into the bed graded uphill to the outlet. They intent of the change was to plan for iron plugging at the front of the system, which would make maintenance easier to manage. 2014 - the limestone vertical flow pond was rebuilt with new stone, new pipe and a second layer of collection/ flush pipe was installed. The bottom collection pipe still acts as the primarily outlet and the original valve was replaced with an automatic solar powered water control structure. The top level of collection pipe operates by a manual gate valve. Both systems discharge into the sedimentation pond. The water then flows down a stone channel and into the head of the wetland. Here the water is joined by a second seep that runs through a low pH oxidation system (terraced logs) then into the wetland. Both streams of water run through the wetland into the Pyrolucite bed. The combined water then discharges into Glenwhite Run.

Water Quality Data Summary

Treatment Technologies
Treatment Technology Quantity Status
Aerobic Wetland 1 N/A
Manganese Removal Bed 1 N/A
Settling Pond 1 N/A
Vertical Flow Pond (VFP) 1 N/A
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Project Contacts
Contact Person:
Contact Organization: Altoona Water Authority
Project Designer:
Project Designer Organization:
Project Responsible Organization: PA DEP, BAMR Ebensburg
Title Source Amount Date
AMD Set Aside Funds AMD Set Aside Funds $252,351.00
External System IDs
Title System
D1-122 Datashed 1.0
Project Performance