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Monastery Run Wetland 1

Monastery Run Wetland 1

Project Details
Original Construction Year 1998
Most Recent Rebuild Year 2021
Total Cost 0.00
Total Capital Cost $538,763.00
Latitude / Longitude Method Unknown
Latitude 40.298333
Longitude -79.413056
Elevation 0
Project Monastery Run Wetland 1
Project Type Passive Treatment System
Project Status Good/Operational
AMD Source Underground
Stream Four Mile Run
River Basin Kiski-Conemaugh
Quad Latrobe
City/Township Unity
County Westmoreland
State PA

Description: Wetland #1, located along the north side of Fourmile Run is an 8.5 acre wetland treatment system, designed by the PA Department of Environmental Protection in cooperation with the landowner, Wimmer Corporation. Wetland #1 construction involved excavating an existing wetland area created by ten mine drainage discharges. Wetland #1 consists of four cells with internal dikes that cause the water to flow in a serpentine pattern. Construction was completed November 1998. Flow rates have reached nearly 5 times the amount the wetland was designed to handle during high flow conditions, and almost stops flowing during low flow conditions. In order to provide for better treatment performance, Wetland #1 and Wetland #2 were connected via an inverted siphon that carries the effluent from Wetland #1 under Fourmile Run and discharges it into Wetland #2 in July 1999. The water flows from one cell to the next via concrete flow control structures. This structure contains removable stop logs to control flow and the top stop log is equipped with a rectangular weir, which allows for the necessary aeration. Several modifications have been completed to improve effluent water quality. A sludge basin was installed adjacent to Wetland #1 in July 2012 and sludge was removed from Wetland #1 in September 2012. In order to control flow and enhance sludge removal, several internal berms were installed or reinforced. In Fall 2021, several artesian discharges in Cell #2 were captured and a transfer pipeline was installed to move the water anoxically to Wetland #2 for treatment. This new modification also ended the transfer of effluent water from Wetland #1 to Wetland #2 through the inverted siphon. Additional berm work was also competed during this process.

Water Quality Data Summary

Treatment Technologies
Treatment Technology Quantity Status
Aerobic Wetland 1 N/A
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Project Contacts
Contact Person:
Contact Organization: PA DEP, BAMR Ebensburg
Project Designer: Eric Cavazza
Project Designer Organization:
Project Responsible Organization: PA DEP, BAMR Ebensburg
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Title System
D1-138 Datashed 1.0
Project Performance