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Site 26

Site 26

Project Details
Original Construction Year 2004
Most Recent Rebuild Year 2012
Total Cost 0.00
Total Capital Cost $85,000.00
Latitude / Longitude Method Unknown
Latitude 40.487465
Longitude -78.514620
Elevation 630
Project Site 26
Project Type Passive Treatment System
Project Status
AMD Source Underground
Stream UNT to Sugar Run
River Basin Susquehanna
Quad Cresson
City/Township Allegheny
County Blair
State PA

Description: Site 26 is located on Pennsylvania Game Commission property (SGL 198). Originally constructed in 2004 it contains an ALD, one separate flush pond, a sedimentation basin, a five acre wetland and finishing/ manganese removal bed. The discharges are collected underground, run through the system and then discharged into an UNT to Sugar Run. Locals refer to the UNT as Gum Tree Run 2006 - the outflow channels in the flush pond and sedimentation pond were lowered. also a water control structure was added to the flush pond to eliminate discharges during flushing. All improvements were done in order to ease routine maintenance 2012 - ALD was failing due to clogging. 3/4 of the limestone in the ALD was removed and cleaned. half of the influent pipe was replaced and a new baffle system installed. additionally an effluent flume was installed (in order to quantify the systems discharge) and the manganese bed was regraded so that all of the water would flow through the stone and not across the top.

Water Quality Data Summary

Treatment Technologies
Treatment Technology Quantity Status
Aerobic Wetland 1 N/A
Anoxic Limestone Drain (ALD) 1 N/A
Manganese Removal Bed 1 N/A
Settling Pond 1 N/A
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Project Contacts
Contact Person:
Contact Organization: PA DEP, BAMR Ebensburg
Project Designer: Eric Robertson
Project Designer Organization:
Project Responsible Organization: PA DEP, BAMR Ebensburg
no data available
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Title System
PA-185 OSM
Project Performance