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Sample Points

Sample Point Aliases Photo ID's Inflow Outflow Years Monitored Description Audience Edit Delete
PA237A 15A N/A 61012 Yes No Abandoned Mine Drainage collected by ditch; Influent to Chiller Seep passive system Manage Audience
PA237B 15C N/A 64924 No Yes

Effluent of Vertical Flow Pond

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15B 15B N/A 64918 No Yes

Treatment Settling Pond @ Chiller - Effluent of Chiller only - impossible without mixing of Stump and Mine Drift

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PA237C 15D N/A 64919 No Yes

Effluent of Settling Pond C; includes influent from VFP and from the Stump and Mine Drift passive systems

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PA237D 15 N/A 64923 No Yes

Effluent of Polishing Pond D

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PA237E 15F N/A 64920 No Yes

Effluent of Wetland E (Wetland 1)

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PA5C N/A Yes No Combined Discharges of Stump Seep and Mine Drift passive systems which are piped into Settling Pond C Manage Audience
PA237F 15G N/A 64921 No Yes

Effluent of wetland F (Wetland 2) and final effluent of the Chiller Seep Complex, sampled at outlet box to Project 70 Ditch

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