Sample Points

Sample Point Aliases Photo ID's Inflow Outflow Years Monitored Description Audience Edit Delete
PA199A N/A Yes No

Abandoned Mine Discharge; Influent to LERMD20 passive system

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PA199A3 N/A No No

Bypass Channel; Actually carries any bypass overflow out of the compost beds as well as other sources of surface water which then flows into the headwaters of the unnamed tributary to Little Elk Run

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PA199B N/A No No

Effluent of Upflow Limestone Bed

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PA199C N/A No No

Effluent of Settling Pond

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PA199D N/A No Yes

Effluent of Aerobic Wetland and Final Effluent of LERMD20 passive treatment system

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PA199S1 N/A No No

Unnamed Tributary to Little Elk Run: Sampled at culvert after flowing underneath Young Road and prior to entering Little Elk Run.

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