Sample Points

Sample Point Aliases Photo ID's Inflow Outflow Years Monitored Description Edit Delete
Ross A1 N/A Yes No

AMD discharge; influent to the Ross passive system; Influent to Vertical Flow Pond 1

Ross A2 N/A Yes No

AMD; This is the primary source of mine drainage entering the system, but currently can't be sampled as the discharge enters the VFP below water level; Reportedly this source was created when the contractor accidentally broke into the mine workings during construction. A perforated collection pipe may have been installed

Ross VFP1 N/A No No

Effluent of Vertical Flow Pond 1; AKA PA131-B1

Ross SP1 N/A No No

Effluent of Settling Pond 1; AKA PA131-C1

Ross VFP2 N/A No No

Effluent of Vertical Flow Pond 2 which is limestone only; AKA PA-131D1

Ross SP2 N/A No Yes

Effluent of Settling Pond 2 and Final Effluent of Ross passive system; AKA PA131-E1