Sample Points

Sample Point Aliases Photo ID's Inflow Outflow Years Monitored Description Edit Delete
89OPCRaw N/A Yes No

Somewhat arbitrary sample point location within the OPC that is used as one of the "raw untreated" AMD sources after various seeps are collected.  Sample just upstream of the Pipe 1 & Pipe 2 discharges.

APipe1 N/A Yes No

AMD; One of the many AMD seep sources that are influent to the SR89 system

APipe2 N/A Yes No

AMD; seep discharges through pipe.  I think this is the longer more southern pipe that discharges into OPC

89OPC N/A No No

Effluent of the SR89 OPC; Sampled at the end of the OPC before entering the VFP

89VFP N/A No No

Effluent of the SR89 VFP

89SPWL N/A No Yes

Effluent of the SR89 Settling Pond/Wetland; Not a very well defined sampling point location

SR89 N/A No No

AMD; SR89 discharge; Currently, this data is pre-construction from 1995- 2017 with most data being collected prior to 2002.