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Sandy Run SA0-D14

Sandy Run SA0-D14

Project Details
Original Construction Year 2019
Most Recent Rebuild Year
Total Cost 0.00
Total Capital Cost $317,983.00
Latitude / Longitude Method Unknown
Latitude 40.123611
Longitude -78.022778
Project Sandy Run SA0-D14
Project Type Passive Treatment System
Project Status
AMD Source Underground
River Basin Susquehanna
City/Township Broad Top
County Bedford
State PA

Description: A passive system was constructed in 2019 to treat the Sandy Run SA0-D14 discharge.

Water Quality Data Summary

Treatment Technologies
Treatment Technology Quantity Status
Down Flow Limestone Bed 1 N/A
Open Limestone Channel (OLC) 1 N/A
Settling Pond 2 N/A
Sandy Run SA0-D14
Location Links
GPS Directions
Project Contacts
Contact Person: Bttwp
Contact Organization: Broad Top Township
Project Designer:
Project Designer Organization:
Project Responsible Organization: Broad Top Township
Title Source Amount Date
EPA Section 319 EPA Section 319 $317,983.00
Name Website
Broad Top Township
External System IDs
no data available
Project Performance