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Project Details
  • Buck Mtn. #2 Tunnel ALD
    Passive Treatment System
    Lehigh River
    Buck Mountain Creek

    In 2008, Wildlands Conservancy worked to construct a passive AMD treatment system in Carbon County near the border with Luzerne County for approximately $400,000. The Buck Mountain #2 Tunnel contributes very high levels of aluminum, iron, manganese and acidity to Buck Mountain Creek, a tributary to the Lehigh River. Shortly after the system was started for the first time, a residence down the hill started experiencing additional water on the property and the system was shut down for fear of property damage. It was refurbished only a few years later to fix the leak and begin treating the AMD again.

    The project came out of a study that Wildlands started in 1998 to characterize the abandoned mine drainage impacts to the Lehigh River. The current project uses a passive system which replaced an earlier system that mechanically-added powdered limestone.

Water Quality Data Summary
Sample PointFlow - Field!!(gal/min)pH - Field!!(S.U.)pH - Lab!!(S.U.)ORP - Field!!(mvolts)DO - Field!!(mg/L)Temp - Field!!(C)Cond - Lab!!(umhos/cm)Alkalinity - Field!!(mg/L)Alkalinity - Lab!!(mg/L)Acidity - Lab!!(mg/L)T. Fe  - Lab!!(mg/L)D. Fe - Lab!!(mg/L)T. Mn  - Lab!!(mg/L)D. Mn  - Lab!!(mg/L)T. Al - Lab!!(mg/L)D. Al - Lab!!(mg/L)SO4 - Lab!!(mg/L)TSS - Lab!!(mg/L)
Treatment Technologies
Treatment Technology Quantity of Elements
Anoxic Collection System 1
Limestone Bed 1