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There are several ways to find projects on Datashed including the use of the Search, Advanced Search, Project List, and Map features.  You do not need to have an account to use these features.  Once you find the project you are looking for or if you want to learn more about the project, you can click on the name which you will take you that specific projects individual page.

Using Search

To use the search, go to Projects.  On the right hand side will be a basic search tool.  You can search by project name, project type, watershed, county or state.  You can try to use to multiple fields together to narrow your search. Searching by watershed is tricky to use because its use will be limited by what watershed the project is assigned to.  We will hopefully improve this search criteria in the future.

Advanced Search

A more advanced search with additional fields is also available.  On the Projects Page, choose the Advanced Search submenu.  This allows you to utilize more fields to search by; however, not all fields work well together.

Project List

The Project List, provides an alphabetical list of projects in a grid pattern showing only the project photo and name.  This will allow the user to scroll down through the list, providing an easy way to explore projects by name.  To get to the Projects list, On the Projects Page, choose the Project List submenu.

Projects Map

You can also utilize the Projects Map to explore and find projects.  This is particularly useful when interested in looking for projects in a specific location.  To access the Projects Map, select Map from the main menu.  This can be accessed from many different pages as well as the home page. Currently the map does not show all the projects all at once.  Unfortunately, you do need to zoom in pretty far.  It also helps to toggle the Sample Points off which will then show more projects.  We are anticipating improving the map feature in the near future.  In addition, on the right hand side of the map, the projects are listed in alphabetical order.  Selecting the project will zoom in to its location.