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In order to be able to edit a project's information, add sample points, upload documents or data, etc., you first have to become a member of that project.  The following provides instructions on how to become a member (aka join a project).

1.  Log in.  You must be a member of Datashed and logged in to join (become a member) a project.

2.  Find and select the Project or Stream, that you wish to join.  You can learn about Finding Projects here.

3. On the Project Details page, click on the "Membership" tab/link.  A dropdown menu should appear.

4. Click on the "Join Project" link

5. You will then need to wait for administrative approval.  You should receive an email notifying you once you have been approved.  The email may go into your spam, social, or promotions folders.  This could take a couple of days.  For a faster response or if you do not receive an email, contact the website or project administrator.