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Project Details
  • De Sale Phase III
    Passive Treatment System
    Eau Claire, PA
    Seaton Creek

    The De Sale Phase III passive treatment site is located in the headwaters of Seaton Creek. Two surface mine discharges at this site were previously treated with a soda ash briquettes on a daily basis while the mining company was in operation. A passive treatment system has since been installed to abate the discharges.

Water Quality Data Summary
Sample PointFlow - Field!!(gal/min)pH - Field!!(S.U.)pH - Lab!!(S.U.)ORP - Field!!(mvolts)DO - Field!!(mg/L)Temp - Field!!(C)Cond - Lab!!(umhos/cm)Alkalinity - Field!!(mg/L)Alkalinity - Lab!!(mg/L)Acidity - Lab!!(mg/L)T. Fe  - Lab!!(mg/L)D. Fe - Lab!!(mg/L)T. Mn  - Lab!!(mg/L)D. Mn  - Lab!!(mg/L)T. Al - Lab!!(mg/L)D. Al - Lab!!(mg/L)SO4 - Lab!!(mg/L)TSS - Lab!!(mg/L)
Treatment Technologies
Treatment Technology Quantity of Elements
Horizontal Flow Limestone Bed (HFLB) 1
Settling Pond 2
Vertical Flow Pond (VFP) 2