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Inflow Outflow Years Monitored Description
Espy Run Upstream No No

Espy Run above the treatment system and above 2 seeps that come out near an ATV stream crossing. There still may be other small seeps intermixed with groundwater from the swampy(headwater) area upstream. Orange flocculate seen sometimes, clear other times.

25-A1 Inflow No

Below the main Espy Run Discharge as it up-wells out of the ground and before it enters the Phase 1 Treatment System. Additional discharges are seen above in a swampy area of less than an acre. AKA Espy Run TS Influent.

25-A2 Inflow No

AMD; Sampled at the pipe that takes water from the intake to the new pond A & B (Same as B1 and B2 on schematic). The pipe discharges into a channel that feeds both ponds. This channel is a half pipe that needs continual maintenance to remove the AMD sludge buildup and keep the water running to both ponds. AKA ESPYIN and Espy Run TS Influent New Pipe

25-A3 Inflow No

This channel brings in a secondary discharge directly to pond A (Same as B1 on Schematic). This seep was unearthed during the building of the new portion of the treatment system. AKA Espy Run TS Influent New Channel.

25-D No Outflow

The effluent from the Espy Run (Phase 1) Treatment System. Sample taken below the 2 weirs and before the discharge to the stream. Also known as ESPYOUT and Espy Run TS Effluent.

Espy Run Downstream No No

Espy Run downstream of the treatment system and the USGS gauging station.