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Project Details
  • Grand Tunnel Discharge
    Stream Monitoring
    Grand Tunnel Discharge

    The Grand Tunnel Discharge (aka. the West Nanticoke Gravity Overflow)creates it's own stream in Plymouth Township, Luzerne County which discharges directly to the Susquehanna River. The discharge originates from the Grand Tunnel Slope #1 and flows along Barrow Street then is collected in a strom drain culvert and conveyed under US Route 11 and a rail trail to a swale which then makes its way to the river.

Water Quality Data Summary
Sample PointFlow - Field!!(gal/min)pH - Field!!(S.U.)pH - Lab!!(S.U.)ORP - Field!!(mvolts)DO - Field!!(mg/L)Temp - Field!!(C)Cond - Lab!!(umhos/cm)Alkalinity - Field!!(mg/L)Alkalinity - Lab!!(mg/L)Acidity - Lab!!(mg/L)T. Fe  - Lab!!(mg/L)D. Fe - Lab!!(mg/L)T. Mn  - Lab!!(mg/L)D. Mn  - Lab!!(mg/L)T. Al - Lab!!(mg/L)D. Al - Lab!!(mg/L)SO4 - Lab!!(mg/L)TSS - Lab!!(mg/L)
GT Source159.43.513.22--4.512.3------------------------
Treatment Technologies
Treatment Technology Quantity of Elements

No treatment technologies defined for this project.