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To edit photos and manage the photo gallery.

1. Log in. You must be a member of Datashed and logged in to edit a photo.  You must also be an approved member of the project.

2. Find and select the Project or Stream, that you wish to edit project related photos. You can either choose your project from your "My Projects" list or find the project through the various search criteria.

3. Once you are on the Project Details page of the project, click on the "Gallery" link, and a dropdown will appear.

4. Click on the "Manage Photo Gallerhy" link.

5. A table listing the current photos will appear.

6.  To delete the photo click on the delete link for that specific photo.  Then click on Delete again.

7.  To edit photo information, click on the edit link for that specific photo.

8.  A form for that photo will appear.  You can edit the name, change the photo,  as well as write/edit a description.

9. Once you are finished, click on the Save button at the bottom of the form.