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Project Details
  • Newport Creek
    Stream Monitoring
    Newport Creek

    Newport Creek is a Tributary to the Susquehanna River. Flows through Glen Lyon, Newport Township and Nanticoke and is heavily impacted by mine drainage.

Water Quality Data Summary
Sample PointFlow - Field!!(gal/min)pH - Field!!(S.U.)pH - Lab!!(S.U.)ORP - Field!!(mvolts)DO - Field!!(mg/L)Temp - Field!!(C)Cond - Lab!!(umhos/cm)Alkalinity - Field!!(mg/L)Alkalinity - Lab!!(mg/L)Acidity - Lab!!(mg/L)T. Fe  - Lab!!(mg/L)D. Fe - Lab!!(mg/L)T. Mn  - Lab!!(mg/L)D. Mn  - Lab!!(mg/L)T. Al - Lab!!(mg/L)D. Al - Lab!!(mg/L)SO4 - Lab!!(mg/L)TSS - Lab!!(mg/L)
Honey Pot Source3417.46.650--0.3313.5--420.57--------------------
Treatment Technologies
Treatment Technology Quantity of Elements

No treatment technologies defined for this project.